Repligen is a bioprocessing-focused life sciences company bringing expertise and innovation to our customers since 1981. We are inspiring advances in bioprocessing through the development and commercialization of high-value products and flexible solutions that address critical steps in the production of biologic drugs.




With high-impact products for upstream process intensification, tangential flow depth filtration, pre-packed columns, single-use cassettes, integrated TFF systems, in-line process analytics


Bioprocessing tools provider, fueled by innovative product development and strategic acquisitions

Our business is influenced by the growth in global demand for biologic drugs, such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and emerging modalities such as gene therapies, viral vectors and nucleic acid therapeutics. Demand for our products is associated with the overall volume of therapeutic molecule manufactured; there is little connection to final drug pricing or the clinical or commercial success or failure of an individual biologic drug.

As the number of biologic drugs on the market and in development continues to increase, and as worldwide access to biologics expands with the emergence of biosimilar and bio-better versions of original drugs as well as new modalities, biopharmaceutical manufacturers are tasked with reducing the time and cost associated with production while improving yield and retaining the highest levels of product quality.

These market dynamics are driving process intensification and adoption of single use technologies and other products that offer convenience, flexibility and the ability to improve capacity utilization in the most modern continuous processing facilities as well as in standard batch processing facilities. The innovative bioprocessing products manufactured by Repligen are designed to address these important needs of biopharmaceutical manufacturers in an increasingly competitive environment.


Repligen is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with major manufacturing sites in Massachusetts, California, and New Jersey in the United States and in Sweden, France, The Netherlands, Germany and Estonia. Products are marketed globally through a direct commercial organization in the United States, Europe and Asia, as well as through strategic partners and distributors in select markets.




Alexander Rich

Alexander Rich was co-Chair of the Repligen Board of Directors until 2014. He was a Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 1958. Considered a founding father of the field of molecular biology, he received the National Medal of Science in 1995. He passed away on April 27, 2015 at the age of 90 years old.

Paul Schimmel

Paul Schimmel is the Ernest and Jean Hahn Professor at The Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology at The Scripps Research Institute. He was formerly the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics in the Department of Biology at MIT. His principal scientific contributions include the discovery of “The Second Genetic Code" and expansion of the functional genome.