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Installation & Qualification

Included with your purchase and also available at any time, we offer Installation and Qualification (IQOQ) services on all of our variable pathlength solutions. These are most suited for new Installations, relocations, and upgrades.

Compendial Pharmacopeia Version (CPV)

The CPV versions of our Qualification Protocols have been harmonized to deliver broad Pharmacopeia compliance. These most advanced services are ideally suited for GxP-compliant installations.

Computer System Validation

With years of experience performing VPT software validations, you can be confident your CTech™ SoloVPE® or FlowVPX® computer validation will be done in days and in compliance with regulatory requirements. Our experts will perform the validation requirements and help you with necessary regulatory submission documentation. Click to see what's covered.

Training & Familiarization

We provide on-site and remote training for our variable pathlength solutions. Looking for an initial introduction for new team members or more advanced training on Slope Spectroscopy®? We can help you become an expert.

Service Contracts

Single- and multi-year service contracts are available for our variable pathlength solutions. Standard contracts include an annual Qualification service while bi-annual contracts include two Qualification services per year. We also offer CPV contracts that are ideally suited for GxP-Compliant systems. For more details on all service contract benefits, contact us today.

Preventative Maintenance

Our routine Preventative Maintenance (PM) Qualification includes: As-found data, a thorough assessment of the condition of your variable pathlength solution, a complete requalification and as-left data. Annual PM is recommended to keep your System functioning optimally.

Corrective Maintenance

Our variable pathlength systems are designed to deliver years of reliable and robust performance. In the unlikely event repairs are required, our technicians are trained to troubleshoot the system, perform corrective maintenance, and verify the return to full functionality.

Technology & Software Upgrades

Software updates, technology upgrades, new features, accessories, and services are all made available to users through our service group. For the latest information, please contact us.