SoloVPE Application: Multicomponent Analysis


Measure Hemoglobin Derivatives with Multicomponent Analysis

Easy-to-use, robust, reliable solution

CO-oximeters are expensive and complex. They require dilutions in most cases and have fixed wavelengths.


  • If components within samples shift peaks, a CO-oximeter cannot change its wavelength. 
  • Require dilutions.

The SoloVPE Solution

  • Easy-to–run, cost efficient, and robust. 
  • Generally, does not require correction. 
  • Wavelengths of interest can be changed, depending on the lambda max of the sample.
  • Allows multiple components to be measured simultaneously without the need for baseline correction, scatter correction, or dilution. 
  • Software capable of accurately determining the content of each component within the sample.
  • Provides reliable and reproducible results.

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