OPUS RoboColumn Pre-packed Chromatography Colums

Used in the industry since 2007, OPUS RoboColumn pre-packed columns are designed to work with robotic fluid handlers for fully automated parallel chromatography.

Up to 96 RoboColumn pre-packed columns (8 column types in parallel) can be individually arranged on a 96-well array plate according to application requirements. Resin is contained to form a bed between two filter frits and validated with consideration to resin compression requirements, to ensure high efficiency, good asymmetry and robust chromatography performance.

96 well plate OPUS RoboColumn pre-packed chromatography column

OPUS® RoboColumn®
internal design


OPUS® RoboColumn®
5 mm ID x 10 mm H;V = 200 µL

OPUS® RoboColumn®
5 mm ID x 30 mm H;V = 600 µL

OPUS® RoboColumn®
96-well plate

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Flexibility with pre-packed convenience

  • ユーザー指定の300種類以上のクロマトグラフィー樹脂がプレパックされています
  • Consistently packed with correct axial compression
  • 液体処理ワークステーションの分注速度によって制御される直線流量制御
  • 一定の滞留時間によるスケールアップ、スケールダウンを実証済み
  • 一度に多数のサンプル、マルチプレックス対応





cm mm cm mm ml µL
0.5 5.0 0.25 2.5 0.05 50
0.5 5.0 0.50 5.0 0.10 100
0.5 5.0 1.00 10.0 0.20 200
0.5 5.0 2.25 22.5 0.45 450
0.5 5.0 2.50 25.0 0.50 500
0.5 5.0 3.00 30.0 0.60 600

Minimum order is one row of 8 OPUS RoboColumn pre-packed columns with the same resin and column dimension.


Automated parallel chromatography

Shorten process development time by performing parallel operation of OPUS RoboColumn pre-packed columns in robotic liquid handling workstations, implementing chromatography Design of Experiment (DOE) and QbD (Quality by Design). The combination of OPUS RoboColumn and Tecan robotic liquid handling workstations deliver a complete integrated platform for state of the art small scale protein purification.

Designed for robotic fluid handlers 

Compatitble with both Tecan Fluent and Freedom EVO liquid handling workstations

  • 96ウェルプレートへの同時自動ステップ勾配溶離
  • 統合されたプレートリーダーによるその後の分析
  • 柔軟なソフトウェアウィザード 

Rapid and simple AAV capture and polish DOE with new digital tools

This outline describes the advanced and fully automated purification development and optimization for an AAV vector with OPUS® RoboColumns® and Tecan Fluent liquid handling workstation.


再生アイコン 動画ポスター

 High Performance


Development of a purification process for a specific molecule requires evaluation of the resin as well as operation conditions for each chromatography step.

  • Resin screening
  • Condition screening

Using OPUS RoboColumn on a Tecan Fluent liquid handling workstation generated up to 96 pseudo-chromatograms (1536 data-points) in less than one day.



The development and manufacture of a biotherapeutic requires significant analytical characterization of in-process intermediates. Non-purified samples derived from small scale multi-parallel bioreactors, such as Ambr™, requires sample preparation before analysis can be executed.

  • Drug discovery and clone selection 
  • タンパク質特性評価
  • Media optimization
  • インプロセス発酵モニタリング

Using the OPUS RoboColumn on a Tecan Fluent liquid handling workstation generates sufficient purified product to conduct your analytical assays.

Manufacturing Centers of Excellence

Repligenは、ISO 9001品質管理システムに基づいて、バイオ医薬品業界向けの製品を開発・製造しています。高品質で安定した、堅牢な製品をタイムリーに提供し、お客様の事業継続性を保証することを重視しています。

Repligen manufacturing sites are located in Massachusetts, California, and New Jersey in the United States and in Sweden, France, The Netherlands,  Germany and Estonia.




  • Field Application Support
  • カスタマーサービス
  • フィールドサービスエンジニア





128.3 L x 86.0W x 14.0 mm H






50 µL

100 µL

200 µL

450 µL

500 µL

600 µL


2.5 mm

5.0 mm

10.0 mm

22.5 mm

25.0 mm

30.0 mm

カラム内 直径

5 mm




一般的に使用されるすべての水性バッファー、pH 1〜14、有機溶剤**。ハロゲン化有機溶剤、ヘキサンは使用しないでください


AIEC and CIEC Columns: 20 % ethanol + 150 mM sodium chloride
HIC, SEC, Affinity and MMC Columns: 20 % ethanol
CHT, CFT Columns (Bio-Rad): 20 % ethanol + 10 mM sodium phosphate, pH 6.8

推奨 保管温度

アフィニティカラム: +2°C~+8°C



最大動作 圧力



16~1000 cm/h**



  • 製品番号
  • 樹脂名
  • カラム容量(µL)

** TECAN software enables set up of the flow rate for each individual dispensing and chromatography step.