Design Makes the Difference

Robust design reduces clamp overtightening and unintended loosening

Thanks to our patented detent/indent physical feedback mechanism, you benefit from single-use processing practices without compromising on process integrity. The alignment creates a mechanical “click” that helps lock position, reducing component failure even in high-pressure applications.

Single-Use Sanitary Clamps

Manufactured for bioprocessing applications

Sanitary clamps are a critical component to single-use assemblies. ProConnex® premium quality clamps are lightweight yet durably designed, suitable for metallic and nonmetallic connections and able to withstand high-pressure applications. Ergonomically optimized to enable single-handed operation.

Manufactured at our in-house injection molding facility and meets all bioprocess quality standards, including USP Class VI and compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 10993. 

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Enhance Your Operations with Precision-Engineered Solutions

From overmolded tubing to single-use adapters, our products are designed to streamline your biopharmaceutical processes while ensuring quality and flexibility.

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Overmolded Tubing Connections

Traditional cable tie and barblock connections require a large number of connections and are not optimal for critical unit operations.

Repligen molded connections and tubing feature secure overmolded and molded connections that optimize fluid transfer with no leak-prone fasteners, and reduce the number of connections needed in the process.

Single-use Adapters and Endcaps

Easily make sanitary connections with sanitary ferrule hosebarb adapters available from 1/8” to 1.5” and endcaps available in a variety of sizes to enable flexible, secure fluid transfer and handling.

Manufactured from USP Class VI and ADCF natural Polypropylene and PVDF Kynar®, these can be utilized in any single-use tubing and equipment assembly. 

Single-use Fittings and Funnels

Our portfolio of sanitary, single-use fittings and connectors are available in ¾”, 1”, and 1.5” sizes, enabling easy integration with many gasket and clamp combinations. Create lightweight and easy-to-connect, single-use piping assemblies or manifolds for aseptic fluid transfer.

Our polypropylene funnels aid in the connection and transfer of crucial unit operations. Available in standard sizes using 1.5” up to 4” sanitary fittings and can be easily customized for difficult installations.

Vertically integrated supply chain ensures security of supply

Ensure on-time delivery of the single-use components you need to keep your process moving forward. Our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities and our agile, flexible approach shortens and derisks your supply chain.

Dual-continent assembly centers

  • State-of-the-art, GMP-ready centers in Hopkinton, Massachusetts and Waterford, Ireland​
  • Global single-use manufacturing network

Process-first approach

  • Agnostic methodology identifies the best solution for your unique process needs
  • Streamlined experience from design to delivery

Vertically integrated supply chain

  • Supply chain management of your complete assembly
  • Best-in-class lead times