Chromatography Redesigned




Largest scale, broadest range

In response to the need to scale up chromatography processes, Repligen offers the largest pre-packed columns for the bioprocess industry. OPUS® 45R,  60R and 80R Columns are the first pre-packed columns designed to meet the chromatography requirements of larger 1000L and 2000L single-use bioreactors.

  • ベッドの高さや樹脂、用途に合わせて簡単に設定可能
  • Seamless scale-up from smaller OPUS® Columns
  • GMP使用向けの完全なドキュメントパッケージ
  • 従来のカラム技術と比較して、時間とコストを大幅に削減
  • Consistent materials of construction
  • Class VI, EMA 410/01 compliant materials
  • GMP and pre-GMP quality packages
  • ISO documentation (CoA, RSF)
  • Select from > 150 resins
  • Individual column release testing
 Ultimate Flexibility

Packed with user-specified resins

Repligen packs > 250 resins from 60 resin families >15 resin vendors. The most frequently packed resins are 30-120μm in particle size and based on matrices of agarose, methacrylate, cellulose, and polystyrene material.  A convenient resin pick-up service is available upon approval.

Full resin list




Repligen CaptivA® and CaptivA® HF
Repligen NGL COVID-19 Spike Protein AF Matrix
Repligen AVIPure® AAV2, AAV8 and AAV9
Purolite Praesto® AP/AP+, Jetted A50/A50+
Cytiva MabSelect™ Family
Cytiva AVB Sepharose™ HP
Cytiva Capto™ PlasmidSelect
Thermo POROS® CaptureSelect™ AAV/AF types
Thermo POROS® Heparin
Tosho TOYOPEARL® AF-rProtein A HC-650F


JSR Amsphere™ A3
Various Vendors IMAC/Chelating/Nickel
Purolite Praesto® (IEX)
Cytiva Capto™ ImpRes (IEX, HIC, MMC)
Cytiva Capto™ (IEX, HIC, MMC)
Cytiva Capto™ Core 400 and 700
Cytiva Capto™ S ImpAct
Cytiva Sepharose™ FF (IEX, HIC, MMC)
Cytiva Sepharose™ HP (IEX, HIC, MMC)
Cytiva SOURCE 30 (Q and S)
Cytiva Superdex (75 and 200)
Cytiva  Sephadex G25

ABT Rapid Run Agarose Bead (IEX)
Thermo POROS® 50 um (IEX, HIC)
Thermo POROS® 20 um (IEX)
Millipore Fractogel® (IEX)
Millipore Eshmuno® (IEX)
Sartorius HyperCel™ (PPA, HEA, CMM, MEP)
BioRad Nuvia™ (IEX, MMC)
BioRad Nuvia™ HP (IEX)
BioRad UNOsphere™ (IEX)
BioRad CHT™ Types: I & II, 40um, 80um, (≤60cm IDs)

Access CHT™ Resin pre-packed in OPUS Columns

Ceramic hydroxyapatite (CHT™) resin offers unique selectivity during the purification of mAbs and recombinant proteins. OPUS Columns can now be pre-packed with CHT™ resin and shipped world wide with excellent performance.

  • 内径5 - 45cm
  • ベッド高さ 5 - 30cm

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 Ultimate Flexibility

Innovative resin recovery port



With an innovative side port that allows for easy resin unpacking, OPUS 45R, 60R, and 80R Columns provide the ultimate flexibility in pre-packed column technology.

Without compromising  chromatographic performance or cleanability, the new feature helps mitigate the risk of implementing pre-packed columns in GMP settings, and allows for re-use of the unpacked resin in other columns.

In the event of a deviation, and if the OPUS pre-packed column performance cannot be recovered, the column can be unpacked and the resin can be repacked into a traditional, self-packed column. 
After the intended usage of the OPUS pre-packed column, the column can be unpacked and resin transferred to a development or pilot setting for additional use.




医療グレードのポリプロピレンホモポリマー製で、OPUS®カラムのすべての製品との接触面はEMA 410/01(または動物質不使用)でクラスVIに適合しています。

2.5 - 30 column tubeポリプロピレン
45R - 80Rカラムチューブ70% w/w Eガラス/PP工学的複合構造
インレット/アウトレット ポリプロピレン
充填層サポートスクリーン ポリプロピレン
Oリング プラチナ硬化医療グレードシリコン
戻り管路 強力なポリエステル繊維強化を施したプラチナ硬化医療グレードシリコン


リン酸還元の比色測定を用いたOPUS® 20カラムは6 FFで充填され、2 CVで残留リン酸を確実に洗浄できます。  

  • OPUS®カラムには大きなデッドスペースがありません
  • OPUS®は洗浄しやすい設計になっています



Impact on process economics

Substantial savings in manufacturing costs and labor are realized because OPUS Columns offer the benefits that come with pre-packed technology:

  • 先行資本支出不要
  • CIP手順とクロスコンタミネーションの削減
  • キャンペーンのターンアラウンド時間の短縮
  • 優れた運用性(労働要件の削減)

In this example, over 65% cost savings and up to 80% labor savings were achieved when using OPUS Columns compared to self-packed columns.*

*Assumptions: OPUS 60R Pre-packed Column versus purchase of new 60 cm diameter automated self-pack equipment (columns are dedicated to a specific molecule). Data presented are estimates and subject to change.

OPUS® 2.5 - 80R Pre-packed GMP-ready Columns

OPUS® Pre-packed Chromatography Columns provide linear scale-up from process validation to commercial and GMP manufacturing. Select from the broadest portfolio of pre-packed GMP-ready column sizes, including large scale OPUS® 45R, 60R, and 80R Columns. Pre-packed columns enhance facility efficiency overall by converting column packing resources into productive chromatography and accelerating campaign turnaround time.

Innovation in Purification

  • Configure bed height to nearest mm
  • Pack nearly any resin from nearly any supplier
  • Customize plat count, asymmetry and test method
  • Unpack resin using recovery port featured on OPUS® 45R, 60R and 80R columns
  • ISOクラス7のクリーンルームでパッキング
  • 詳細レギュラトリーサポートファイル
  • 各カラム構成の分析証明書

OPUS GMP manufacturing process 

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再生アイコン 動画ポスター
The OPUS® time machine

OPUS® Columns pack your choice of resin and the most precious element of all, time, into a self-packed ready-to-use chromatography column at almost any size and for almost every application. Skip months of hardware validation, execute more runs--and still leave work early to enjoy a bike ride. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss.

再生アイコン 動画ポスター
Small but mighty

Reallocate column packing time and resources toward productive GMP-level chromatography, even at small-scale. The family of OPUS® Pre-packed Columns now includes the small but mighty OPUS® 2.5. Scale GMP purification effortlessly from 2.5 cm to 80 cm ID.

Manufacturing Centers of Excellence

Repligenは、ISO 9001品質管理システムに基づいて、バイオ医薬品業界向けの製品を開発・製造しています。高品質で安定した、堅牢な製品をタイムリーに提供し、お客様の事業継続性を保証することを重視しています。

Repligen manufacturing sites are located in Massachusetts, California, and New Jersey in the United States and in Sweden, France, The Netherlands,  Germany and Estonia.




  • Field Application Support
  • カスタマーサービス
  • フィールドサービスエンジニア