Intensification Starts Here!

Discover how KrosFlo® TFDF® based process intensification leads to high virus production combined with simplified clarification compared to batch cell culture.

  • Implement TFDF® to mitigate cell density effects
  • TFDF® facilitates intensified production of lentivirus and AAV
  • Simplify clarification techniques to streamline your production process

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TF + DF = TFDF® Combined Benefits








Novel TFDF® Filter 

The thick-walled 2 - 5 µM tubular filter captures cells and cell debris with reduced fouling and negligible product retention. The feed stream enters the bottom port. The retentate travels through the lumen and exits at the top of the tube. The permeate exits the enclosure through the lower permeate port.​solution. The combination of tangential flow and depth filtration in one filter produces a high-flux, high-capacity solution.  h



  • Low concentration polarization minimizes fouling
  • Short, highly inter-connected paths do not retain product​
  • 小さな設置面積
  • 2-5 micron pore size for large biomolecules
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Filter, Flow Path and System as One Solution

KrosFlo® TFDF® Filter
ProConnex® TFDF® Filter Assembly
KrosFlo® TFDF® Systems

Complete, Ready-to-use TFDF® Filter Assemblies

Single-use, Gamma-irradiated and closed ProConnex® TFDF® Flow Paths arrive dry, free of sodium hydroxide, glycerin, preservative and ethanol, for a zero flush start state. ProConnex® TFDF® Flow Paths are complete assemblies that include the TFDF® Filter, a disposable pump head​, integrated sensors​, tubing​ and aseptic connectors.

TFDF® Filter
Surface Area: 3 cm2
Surface Area: 30 cm2

ProConnex® TFDF®
Flow Path
Surface Area: 3 cm2
Surface Area: 30 cm2
Surface Area: 50 cm2

ProConnex® TFDF® 
Flow Path

Surface Area: 150 cm2

ProConnex® TFDF® 
Flow Path

Surface Area: 450 cm2
Surface Area: 750 cm2
Surface Area: 1500 cm2
Surface Area: 2100 cm2

ProConnex® TFDF®
Flow Path
Surface Area: 6000 cm2

Industrial grade components and extended automation allow for confident process scaling. With the same software, hardware, controls and cGMP compliance built into every system, process change challenges in scale-up are removed.


Maintain processes while scaling to production

The KrosFlo® TFDF® System delivers application-specific process control logic for optimal TFDF process performance. Systems scale from 1 L to 2000 L in a small footprint of 1 m2 for both pilot (31 inch x 42 inch) and process (37 inch x 42 inch) systems.

KrosFlo® TFDF Lab System

1 - 50 L volume
3 - 160 cm2 surface area

KrosFlo® TFDF® Pilot System

1 - 500 L volume
500 - 1600 cm2 surface area

KrosFlo® TFDF® Process System

50 - 2000L volume
3000 - 6000 cmsurface area


Capacity increases with tube number and length

1~2000 Lのリニアスケーラビリティを実現するには、エンクロージャーごとのチューブの長さとチューブの数を増やします。チューブ長さは20 cmから108 cmまで増やせます。フィルターの有効長さは、フィルターの物理的長さより短くなることがあります。エンクロージャーごとのチューブ数は、1から40まで増やせます。


表面積:3 cm2
推奨容量:<1 L

表面積:150 cm2
推奨容量:<50 L

表面積:1500 cm2
推奨容量:<500 L

表面積:6000 cm2
推奨容量:<2000 L

* additional sizes available 



物理的長さ:20 cm
有効長さ:2 cm
表面積:3 cm2

物理的長さ:108 cm
有効長さ:108 cm
表面積:150 cm2

KrosFlo® TFDF®システム

The KrosFlo® TFDF® System delivers a complete solution for optimized tangential flow depth filtration, with integrated process control logic and a single-use, Gamma-irradiated ProConnex® TFDF® Flow Path with integrated sensors.

Click on the tabs to explore features of the different KrosFlo® TFDF® Systems and Flow Paths.

KrosFlo® TFDF®ラボシステム

容量 1 - 50L
表面積 3- 160 cm2

Click on the links to explore different features.

KrosFlo® TFDF® Pilot System

容量 1 - 500L
表面積 500- 1600 cm2

Click on the links to explore different features.

KrosFlo® TFDF® Process System

容量 50 - 2000L
表面積 3000- 6000 cm2

Click on the links to explore different features.

ProConnex® TFDF® Flow Path

Click on the links to explore different features.

KrosFlo TFDF Lab Flow Paths

Off-the shelf, single-use, gamma-irradiated and closed TFDF Lab Flow Paths arrive dry, free of sodium hydroxide, glycerin, preservative and ethanol, for a zero flush start state.

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Custom KrosFlo TFDF Pilot and Process Flow Paths

When scaling up, configure a flow path to meet your process requirements for your pilot and process KrosFlo TFDF Systems. All KrosFlo TFDF flow paths are single-use, gamma-irradiated and arrive dry, free of sodium hydroxide, glycerin, preservative and ethanol, for a zero flush start state.

See specifications

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Espresso depth filtration

Replace sluggish messy depth filtration with combined tangential flow and depth filtration. No need to load multiple filters or hunt for parts. At 1L through 2000L, connect one fully integrated filter module and go -- at flux speeds up to 1950 LMH.

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The 3-Minute drill

If you have three minutes, then you have enough time to install a TFDF® flow path. Mount the device, make a few connections and you’re done - without ever breaking a sweat.

Manufacturing Centers of Excellence

Repligenは、ISO 9001品質管理システムに基づいて、バイオ医薬品業界向けの製品を開発・製造しています。高品質で安定した、堅牢な製品をタイムリーに提供し、お客様の事業継続性を保証することを重視しています。

Repligen manufacturing sites are located in Massachusetts, California, and New Jersey in the United States and in Sweden, France, The Netherlands,  Germany and Estonia.


Expert Project Management



  • Field Application Support
  • カスタマーサービス
  • フィールドサービスエンジニア



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