XCell® ATF System

Simplify and intensify upstream bioprocessing. The XCell® ATF System, in single-use or stainless steel format, delivers superior cell retention. High impact upstream applications include N-1 perfusion, high productivity harvest, long-term perfusion and seed train intensification.

XCell® ATF Devices and Controllers

XCell® ATF Systems simplify and fast-track upstream intensification by providing an integrated solution consisting of an XCell® ATF Device, XCell® ATF Controller, software, tubing, pressure sensors and accessories. The family of Systems supports diverse applications across development from 1L to 5000 L.

XCell™ Lab System

NEW | Designed and engineered as a complete solution, the XCell™ Lab System integrates devices, controller and software, enabling low volume process intensification ready for scale-up.

XCell® ATFシステム


XCell® ATF Systems attach to a bioreactor to intensify upstream manufacturing capacity, productivity, and throughput.