Intensification Leader

Intensification delivers more product faster

XCell® ATF Technology helps simplify and intensify upstream processes to deliver more product, faster. Intensified processes achieve higher cell densities, require smaller bioreactors and consume less suite time. Increase throughput, productivity, and capacity in both clinical and commercial manufacturing.


XCell®ATF delivers 10X VCD and lower COGS


  • 10X VCD more than 2-week Fed- Batch (350 x 10cells/mL) 
  • バイオリアクターの時間を50%短縮
  • 収量が20倍に増加

 Breakthrough technology

How XCell® ATF Technology Works

The XCell® ATF System is based on award-winning alternating tangential flow (ATF) technology, created by the action of a diaphragm moving upward and downward within a pump head, connected to a filter housing and attached to a bioreactor. Alternating tangential flow is attained by the action of a diaphragm pump.

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 Breakthrough technology

Ready to scale from process development to manufacturing​

The XCell® ATF System simplifies and fast-tracks upstream intensification development from PD to commercial scale. Intensification increases throughput, accelerates tech transfer and optimizes your process in clinical manufacturing and MSAT while increasing bioreactor productivity and reducing costs in commercial manufacturing. Higher productivity, smaller bioreactors and higher throughput with shorter times to harvest, combine to mitigate facility expansion risks and capital costs. 


Design simplicity with XCell™ Lab System

Designed and engineered as a complete solution, the XCell™ Lab System integrates a modern controller, XCell® ATF Devices, software and flow sensors into a complete solution.

  • Engineering-designed controller promotes increased intensification
  • Configurable set-up delivers high throughput - a single manifold supports up to 8 XCell® ATF Devices
  • Software enables precise technical control with a user-friendly interface
  • New XCell ATF® 1 Device is fit for low volume intensification ready for scale-up
  • Repligen global technical support ensures successful implementation and scale-up

XCell™ Lab System

XCell® ATF Devices and Controllers

The XCell ATF System delivers a complete solution for upstream intensification with robust hardware software integration. Available in single-use and stainless steel formats with sizes from lab-scale (2 L) to process scale (5000 L). Each system consists of an XCell ATF® Device, XCell™ Controller, software, tubing and sensors.

XCell® ATF Systems

XCell® ATF  Cell retention technology simplifies and fast-tracks upstream intensification development for gene therapy, fed-batch intensification, seed train intensification, perfusion, and media exchange applications.  

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The XCell™ Lab Controller solves your productivity puzzle with new engineering, increased throughput and more process data. Turn the frustration of endless permutations into a simple solution that generates more cells, and more product…faster.

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Think outside the blocks

Intensification is worth it. Build an intensified upstream suite brick by brick with XCell ATF® systems. Make twice as much product in half the time as you watch VCD grow and shrink bioreactor sizes within the same facility footprint.

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OMW! with XCell™

OMG life gets busy. Set-up industry-best cell culture intensification in less than 30 minutes with the design simplicity of XCell ATF® devices. Celebrate more product at work…and still have time for the special moments at home. YGTI.

Manufacturing Centers of Excellence

Repligenは、ISO 9001品質管理システムに基づいて、バイオ医薬品業界向けの製品を開発・製造しています。高品質で安定した、堅牢な製品をタイムリーに提供し、お客様の事業継続性を保証することを重視しています。

Repligen manufacturing sites are located in Massachusetts, California, and New Jersey in the United States and in Sweden, France, The Netherlands,  Germany, France and Estonia.




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