Automate from sanitization to recovery 

Eliminate batch variation with end-to-end automation


For effortless scaling from 1/4" to 1"

Maintain processes while scaling to production

Minimize hold-up volume with innovative valve block technology

Ideal for mRNA and gene therapy solutions, KrosFlo® RS TFF Systems are engineered for maximum recovery.

The combination of injection molded tubing, over-molded connections, and valve blocks significantly lowers hold-up volume.


Intelligent mixing even at the lowest working volume

Innovative tulip tank technology delivers hold-up volumes as low as 1.5L with active mixing.

As fluid levels drop, the dual impellers independently adjust speed to reduce harmful surface interaction while automated valves adapt retentate flow to avoid damage upon entering the tank.​

Tulip Tank cart available with KrosFlo® RS 30, 40, 50


Eliminate batch variation with end-to-end automation

Completely automate processes from start to finish without intervention.

Traditional single-use systems require manual manipulation due to the limited number of controlled valves. Additional controlled valves throughout the flowpath allow complete automation of processes.

Sanitization ​

  • WFI/Buffer Flushing​
  • Integrity testing


  • Fed-Batch Concentration​
  • Batch Concentration


  • Product Recovery​
  • Clean-in-place

Maintain processes while scaling to production

KrosFlo® RS 20​
0.1 - 0.5 m²

KrosFlo® RS 30​
0.5 - 3 m² 

KrosFlo® RS 40​
1 – 5 m² 

KrosFlo® RS 50​
5 – 10 m² 

Industrial grade components and extended automation allow for confident process scaling. With the same software, hardware, controls and cGMP compliance built into every system, process change challenges in scale-up are removed.

KrosFlo® RS TFF Systems

KrosFlo® RS Single-use Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) Systems incorporate the most advanced engineering principles to achieve unprecedented automation, hold-up volume and process control. The unique tulip tank continuously measures sample volume and then adjusts dual impeller speeds and retentate routing to nearly eliminate foaming. Conceptualized as a platform, rather than a single system, a single architectural approachenables effortless scale-up from 1/4" to 1".

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KrosFlo® RS 20 TFF System

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KrosFlo® RS 30 TFF System

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KrosFlo® RS 40 TFF System

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KrosFlo® RS 50 TFF System

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Error-free installation in minutes with pre-assembled flow paths

ProConnex Flow Paths, pre-assembled and specific to the KrosFlo® RS TFF System, are intuitively designed for simple, mistake-free installation. All system sensors are pre-calibrated and assembly is done in minutes with no confusing instructions.

Click on the left/right arrows or swipe to see flow path assembly steps for the different KrosFlo® RS TFF Systems.




The world's most advanced TFF systems

In an era of new modalities, developers are striving to maximize efficiency.

The new KrosFlo® RS TFF systems by Repligen empower users through maximized recovery, full automation and effortless scaling.

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Manufacturing Centers of Excellence

Repligenは、ISO 9001品質管理システムに基づいて、バイオ医薬品業界向けの製品を開発・製造しています。高品質で安定した、堅牢な製品をタイムリーに提供し、お客様の事業継続性を保証することを重視しています。

Repligen manufacturing sites are located in Massachusetts, California, and New Jersey in the United States and in Sweden, France, The Netherlands,  Germany and Estonia.


Expert Project Management



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